Have you voted?

Well, I wrapped up my door-to-door canvassing a couple of hours ago.  I estimate that I’ve walked close to 115 kilometres around all parts of Ancaster, Dundas and West Flamborough. I’ve made hundreds of contacts and have engaged scores of ratepayers in meaningful conversation. It has been an incredible journey of discovery, learning and revelations.

It has deepened my commitment to our Catholic education system and to serve our Catholic ratepayers to the best of my abilities.

It has been both an exhilarating experience and a humbling one.  I thank each and every person who either took time to share their thoughts on Catholic education or simply were polite enough to listen to my pitch.

I sincerely want to serve the Catholic ratepayers in Ward 12 & 13, but no matter the outcome of tomorrow’s election, I know that I have an obligation to advocate on behalf of those who have shared some carefully considered suggestions or some very personal concerns and experiences.  I thank everyone for their input and encouragement.

Finally, I want to recognize everyone who ran for public office for taking the initiative to stand as a candidate.  Every candidate I have come across in this municipal election has demonstrated a keen desire to make their city better, to build community or contribute to a first class education system for our children.  Please show your appreciation for their efforts by voting.

Polling stations are open at 10:00 am until 8:00 pm.  To find out where you vote, visit https://www.hamilton.ca/elections/where-to-vote.

Thank you!

Phil Homerski


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